Canada’s Coldest Case



  • The Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard: “Canada’s Coldest Case” is a strategy game, a game that is achieved with the power of your mind.


  • A group of players wins by successfully escaping from the last door of the last room within 45 minutes. Unsuccessful player groups must leave the game through the closest unlocked exit after 45 minutes has elapsed. When 45 minutes passes and you still haven’t gotten out, you can try again next time.


  • The objects inside the Escape Maze are fragile. Please DO NOT attempt to use force during the duration of the game. Any damages to the games (room) may result in penalties and legal settlements.


  • We have placed an “X” on objects that are not part of the game. Likewise, we have marked exits that are not part of the game play with “No Exit”.


  • Clues will be given by the Game-Master “Warden” when asked by the players. Players can ask for a maximum of two clues, after these two clues have been used, no further assistance will be provided. The means in which to communicate with the Game-Master “Warden” will be located within the game play area. A video prior to your game play will explain how the communication device works, and will help you communicate with the Game-Master “Warden” during the game.


  • Smile, you’re on camera! We have an elaborate camera system that watches your every move. This is for your safety, and it also assists us to give you a better game play experience.


  • In order to prevent cheating, we request that players place their cell phones, cameras, flashlights and bags into one of our complimentary lockers prior to starting the game. If you are caught using a cell phone, camera or flashlight, five minutes per incident will be deducted from your overall game play count down.


  • Food will not be permitted within the game play area, however water purchased on site will be allowed for hydration purposes only.


  • Any violation of game rules could result in time penalties, the termination of the game, and/or liability to pay for broken or damaged items.


  • If you are unable to complete a portion of the game because you’re too scared, you will be disqualified and your team will continue on without you.


  • A group photo will be taken immediate following the game play experience. The Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard will post the group photos and their results to our Facebook page. Photo’s may also be used for promotional and advertising purposes.


  • Those under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances will be denied entry to the game play area, and a refund will NOT be issued.


  • Our staff are here to have fun much like you are, they are not here to take verbal or physical abuse, those wishing to treat them with any sort of disrespect will be introduced to the local OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Officers. We have a very close working relationship with them J


In making a booking for Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard: “Canada’s Coldest Case” you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:


  1. I agree that all game details of the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard: “Canada’s Coldest Case” are Trade Secrets that are protected by Intellectual Property Laws, and I shall keep any information obtained confidential. No use, copy, distribution, public display or creation of any derivative work thereof is permitted. The Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard reserves all rights to take legal actions against any infringement.
  2. Non-compete: I agree that I shall not directly or indirectly, for my own benefit or for or with any person, firm or corporation whatsoever other than the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard, engage in any business that directly involves room escape games and that competes with the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard within 24 months.
  3. I understand that the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard is not recommended for those with heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia or similar conditions. I also understand that I have to abide by the Rules for my own safety. I agree not to hold the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard and/or its directors and/or employees liable for any injury, death, damage, loss or inconvenience arising from any accident.
  4. I understand that all personal belongings should be kept in the designated lockers or left in the player’s vehicle. Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, recorders, paper, pencils, pens, keys, flashlights, outside food and drinks (list is not exhaustive) are strictly not permissible. I am willing to submit to a security check before entering the maze. The Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard and its employees are not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.
  5. I agree to use the facilities in the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard with care. The Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard reserves all rights to seek indemnification should there be any deliberate attempt to cause damage of the tools, equipment and layout. I also understand that the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard may terminate the game at any time should any of the participants fail to abide by the rules or fail to follow the instructions from the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchards employees. There will be no refund of fees, full or partial, allowed.
  6. For participants own safety, an adult must accompany those under the age of 16.
  7. Pets are not allowed.
  8. Smoking is not permitted on the orchard property.
  9. Alcohol and/or drugs are not permitted on the property.
  10. Late Arrival will not be tolerated; you must arrive at the Escape Maze check-in area at least 15 minutes before your allocated time slot, failure to do so will result in reduced game playtime or cancellation without a refund. 
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