Apple Varieties

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Apple varieties available at Cannamore Orchard:

A Ben Davis/McIntosh cross large, flat, dull red apple with a purple hue and soft, white flesh. Less aromatic than McIntosh. A good keeper.

Uses: fresh, drying, freezing, baking, salads, pies, cider

Available: After McIntosh – late Sept.

Very sweet and aromatic. Great for juice, as it is a very juicy apple. Good for eating, and baking. Mid season

Uses: fresh, dessert

Available: September

Pollinated seedling of McIntosh A large round-conical apple with ribs. Very white flesh often with a ting of pink. eye, slightly ribbed on body

Uses: When green, eaten as a sour apple. Pies and fresh eating.

Available: Late August for green. Beginning September for ripe.

A Red Delicious-McIntosh cross apple having a long shelf life. White, sweet and juicy flesh. Aromatic and crisp with creamy white juicy flesh.

Uses: Excellent fresh and in cider.

Available: Late September

Ginger Gold
A chance seedling apple that is medium large and round. Yellowish-white flesh that is juicy, firm, crisp and slightly coarse. Has a sweet, tangy flavour.

Uses: fresh eating and dessert. Very slow to brown, so it’s a great choice for apple slices and salads.

Available: mid September.

Originated in Dundas County, home of Cannamore Orchard. Possibly seedling of Fameuse or St. Lawrence. A medium to large, round apple. Flesh white withy sometimes a tinge of red. Juicy, crisp somewhat firm apple.

Uses: Fresh, dessert, cooking, cider and sauce.

Available: Most years mid September. (After Lobo and before Cortland.)

Paula Red
A chance seedling, possibly from Cortland. A medium to large size, tart, round apple. Apple sweetens as it stays on tree. Flesh is white, juicy, crisp and fine-grained.

Uses: Fresh, dessert, and pies and sauce.

Available: Late August to mid September.

A cross between the McIntosh and Pippin. Good all-purpose apple. Medium to large round-conic apple. Flesh is creamy-white, juicy, sweet, crisp and fine textured. Keeps very well.

Uses: Fresh, dessert and cider. Some use it in pies and applesauce.

Available: End of September/early October.

Cross with McIntosh parent. Size is variable but round-conic. Flesh is white, juicy, crisp and soft.

Uses: Dessert, cooking and juice. Makes a softer textured pie.

Available: Mid August.

Yellow Transparent
Russian origin and a very old variety. A generally round mid size apple. Flesh is white, juicy, moderately firm and crisp.

Uses: Fresh, drying, sauce and cooking. Makes a softer textured pie.

Available: early to mid-August.

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