About Cannamore Orchard

A family run orchard, proudly serving the Ottawa area

History of Cannamore Orchard

As a family of Mom, Dad and three children, we planted our first 500 apple trees in 1982. We planted another 500 trees in both 1983 and 1984. Then in 1987, 1988 and 1989 we planted another 300 trees per year. By 1987 we were producing a lot of apples and after some creative marketing, found that we had many appreciative customers coming to pick our apples, especially on nice Autumn weekends.

To accommodate the crowds and give us a venue from which to sell, we constructed our storefront in 1988, which was so successful, we had to expand it in 1990 and again in 1992.

The growing crowds began to ask for additional activities so we started to offer some new attractions in about 1992. We began with wagon rides and  expanded our family activity area to include ground and finger board mazes.

We attended conferences, talked with others in the business, as well as our customers, and saw much what was available around the province, country and in North America. We decided to branch out into providing more activities, which lead us into the realm of agri-tourism. In 1992 after attending a 2 day workshop, we decided to start a haunted ride. The Spooky Wagon Ride™ begain in 1993, and it has grown far beyond our expectations.

As more people continued to come and visit, we began to offer more products in the store and more activities every year.  We began selling strawberries in 1995, and by 1998 we were offering school, day care, nursery, and senior tours.

Things moved along well for the next 7 years, and in 2005 we decided to offer much more to our visitors. Over the next 4 years, we  planted gardens, began cow train rides and the duck race. We opened our Learning Centre (museum) in 2009, and started making fudge the same year. In  2010 we a pedal car track and our covered sandbox.

In 2011 we expanded our Orchard tree’s significantly and have done so since then. 

In 2016 we built our first ever Escape Maze experience at the Orchard. We opened in August and were sold out by early October with a waiting list of 50+ groups. 

2018 marks the 26th Anniversary of our Spooky Wagon Ride season, now known at Acres of Terror. 


In addition to providing numerous family and community activities, Cannamore Orchard further serves the community through our commitment to youth development. We have enthusiastically helped many local parades, festivals, sports teams and agricultural groups. Cannamore Orchard over the years has supported local broom ball, soccer and figure skating clubs. We encourage food bank contributions, host educational school tours and continually employ local youth at our operation.

We continue to involve local groups in our business. Local high school bands (North Dundas District High School Band, St. Francis Xavier High School Band, and St. Thomas Aquinas High School Band), athletic associations and drama classes have benefited from over $300,000.00 of contributions Cannamore Orchard has made to them for their help at the Spooky Wagon RideTM during the last 25 years. Our facilities have been used by organizations to raise funds for their activities.

If your non-profit organization is interested in raising money, promoting your organization or putting on a special day event during the summer, please phone us at 613-448-3633 or Contact us at Cannamore Orchard!