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2017 FAQ

What is Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard: “Canada’s Coldest Case”?

Help us celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this year by trying to solve Canada’s Coldest Case. We are taking you back to the 1800’s so you can help solve the murder of a prominent Canadian politician. Two suspects have been arrested but one is falsely imprisoned. Without the help of technology and only using your detective skills, are you able to find clues, solve puzzles and free the innocent person before time runs out?

How difficult is your Escape Maze? 

Well with about 1,200 square feet of “game play area” we like to think you’ll be challenged. Our current success rate is only 12.5% 

Do I win a prize if I successfully Escape?!

Yes, you sure do! The Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard has partnered up with D’Arcy McGee’s Pub in Orleans, who has graciously offered a prize for the first 300 players to successfully escape!

How much does it cost to play?

The cost is $25 per person, which includes taxes.

How many players am I allowed to bring?

The maximum number of players is eight, though we recommend six or less. There is no minimum number of players, however the minimum cost is $100.

How do I book?

All bookings are done via our online booking system; payment is taken at the time of making the booking.

How do I cancel my booking?

Cancellations are accepted, however will only be issued up to 72 hours in advance of your booking time slot. Please email us at to initiate a cancellation refund.

How many people fit in your Escape Maze?

We can accommodate up to 8 players, however we recommend six players or less.

What if I am already booked for a date and I want to change it for an earlier slot that has opened up?

Book and pay for the new time slot and email us to cancel and receive a refund on your previous booking

There are no available booking spots online, but I really want to play, what do I do?

Simply email us at and we will place you on a waiting list and advise you of any upcoming openings. You can also check back frequently for new openings.

How do I get on the waiting list?

Simply email us at and we will gladly add you to our waiting list.

What ages are allowed to play Canada’s Coldest Case?

There is no age limit. An adult for the purpose of signing our waiver must accompany players under the age of 16.

Our group is less than eight players; will other players (strangers) be booked with us?

No, we understand the conflicts that may arise from playing with strangers, and as such we’ve tailored our booking system to allow your game play to remain private with only those players you choose to play with.

 Is there a minimum number of players that you recommend?

No. You can play by yourself if you want but it will be difficult. Please be advised that if you choose to play this way you will still be charged for a minimum of four players ($100).

Do I have to pre-pay online?

Yes, though many Escape Rooms choose to use the honour system we prefer to guarantee your booking right off the bat, and ensure people aren’t taking advantage of the honour system with respects to booking slots they won’t use.

Which forms of payment do you accept online?

VISA, Mastercard, American Express. 

Do you offer food and beverages?

Yes, we have light snacks and cold water available for purchase, small cash only please.

Is your Escape Maze located inside?

Yes, our Escape Maze is located inside, however our experience is more rustic compared to the other locations in the Ottawa & Cornwall area. Our experience is located inside a barn, and as such it is not climate controlled.

So your Escape Maze is located inside a barn, what do I need to be aware of?

Our Escape Maze experience is unique; however, it may not be suitable for certain players. If you’re scared of the dark, uncomfortable in small spaces (claustrophobic), prone to anxiety or panic attacks, suffer from a heart condition, have asthma, are unable to deal with heat, scared of your own sweat, or anything else along these lines, you may wish to avoid our experience. We recommend that you dress the part, you’re in the country, at an Orchard, your suit and tie will not fit in here. If it’s hot wear shorts and a t-shirt, if it’s cold wear pants and a sweater and finally if it’s raining bring a rain jacket or an umbrella. 

Is there a washroom on site? Yes, however due to our rustic setting, our washroom is an outdoor porta-potty.

But I still have more questions!! 

No problem, simply send us an email at and we’ll gladly answer any other questions you have! 

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